Butt welder step

    Butt welder step

    BET体育网☆ minimize drag resistance, such as pipe rolling

    ☆ clamping spigot end of the pipe or fittings on the docking unit

    ☆ Clean spigot end

    BET体育网☆ Check welding machine matches the diameter of the pipe and docking cycle

    ☆ moving the movable clamp the tubing near the end of the cutter planed. When the end surface of the pipe or fitting end surface flat flat and parallel to each other, butt good effect, and should be within a certain error range, milling work is done

    BET体育网☆ Check the heating plate welding surface coating is intact and no scratches

    BET体育网☆ Check the heating temperature is correct

    BET体育网☆ hot plate on the end face of the intermediate pipe so that the pipe butt welder near heating tool and apply some pressure until the melt reaches a predetermined width cuffs

    BET体育网☆ reached after heat time, moving backward butt welders movable clamp and remove the heating tool. Heating pipe ends after a quick check to determine the end face of the tool in moving the heating process whether damage melted, then again moves the movable clamp butt welding, pipe making face contact

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Butt welder step
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