production ability

    BET体育网production ability


    Company Sets welder product development, production and sales, is one of the most complete production welder series of professional enterprises.




    R & D capabilities


    The pursuit of excellence, innovation


    BET体育网It is to promote the power source we continue forward




    And advanced research institutions


    BET体育网And close cooperation in a wide range of advanced manufacturing enterprises


    BET体育网Not only the strength of our R & D


    Keep pace with the leading domestic level sync


    At the same combination of new modes of cooperation


    With so that our products always maintain a strong market competitiveness




    BET体育网Driven by excellence, excellence in R & D strength of funny


    BET体育网After Federer Po hot melt butt welder success among the ranks of the peer leader




    An important force to promote the domestic hot melt butt welding machine for further development


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