Welder Series

BET体育网Siphon drainage layer welding package

Wide input supply voltage and power frequency, fully meet the construction site electricity restrictions


Real-time monitoring of power supply voltage, frequency, and the construction site of the ambient temperature

With automatic voltage stabilization, automatic temperature compensation, not subject to the ambient temperature when welding

BET体育网Computer menu Chinese LCD screen display, operation is extremely easy

Precision voltage, output current and welding time, ensure the welding quality

BET体育网Automatic welding, manual welding, to adapt to domestic and foreign manufacturers with floor drainage pipes welding requirements

BET体育网Large-capacity data storage welding

BET体育网Welding data printing function (according to customer demand)

Product Details

The input power supply voltage:

175V-250V AC (large diameter pipe fittings manufacturers according to the set)

Output voltage: BET体育网

10V-200V AC

Output current: BET体育网

0A-10A AC BET体育网

Power frequency: BET体育网


Rated output power:


The use of environmental temperature:

-15 - 70 Deg. C

Relative humidity:

Less than or equal to 80%

Time adjustment range:

1-9999S BET体育网

Time resolution: BET体育网


Time error:

Less than 0.01

The output voltage (current) error:

Less than 0.5 BET体育网

The number of records stored:


Welding range: BET体育网

Phi 20-160, Phi 20-315 BET体育网

Weight: BET体育网


Size: BET体育网

265x185x95 (length x width x high mm)

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