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pe pipe butt fusion method


BET体育网pe pipe environmental health water supply pipe Butt methods:


1, hot melt connection before and after cleaning welder show and heating tools. Welding has showed dirt, apply a clean cloth to wipe, heated polyethylene residue removal tool only with a wooden spatula.


2, check the welding machine matches the pipe diameter and a predetermined butt welding cycle.


BET体育网3, hot melt connection heating time and temperature should be consistent with the production plant and the connection pipe, pipe production plant requirements tools, soldering temperature is generally between 200 ℃ -235 ℃.


BET体育网4, hot melt connection packing, cooling time, shall comply with the manufacturer and the connection pipe, pipe production plant melt provisions tool, dwell and cooling time can not move connections or pressure on the connection member.


BET体育网5, pe pipe hot melt of collusion meet the following requirements:


1) clamping pipe and fittings in the butt welding socket end, clean spigot end.


BET体育网2) moving the movable clamp, the pipe, the pipe connecting the surface planing cutter, remove the cutter, check the pipe end face, so that the maximum gap is not greater than 0.3mm.


BET体育网3) straightening butt welding two pieces of correspondence to be connected to the same axis, the wrong side of the wall thickness of not more than 10%.


BET体育网4) The heating tool is placed between two connecting surfaces. So that the pipe butt welder near heating tool and apply some pressure, direct drive melt is formed along the entire outer circumference of the pipe flange smooth symmetrical so far.


BET体育网5) heating is completed, the connection should be quickly undock heating tool and apply a uniform force to make full contact to form a uniform flange.

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