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Qingdao Hua Shida plastic extrusion and plastic sheet butt welding machine by experts



Identification of experts believe that plastic products production round, tank, barrel plastic chemical containers and special equipment, which uses plastic melt process, using a cylinder-powered, combining mechanical, electrical control design and manufacturing is based. The device structure is compact and easy to operate, superior performance, it will be converted to fully automatic hand-welding machine operation, not only improve the product quality and work efficiency, but also greatly reduce the labor costs and shorten the production cycle, effective solution to the plastic sheet when the processing of poor quality, slow, insecure, waste materials, sealing leakage problems. Welds smooth, good quality, the welding seam strength factor of 0.8 to reach about the parent material for a variety of thermoplastic materials, environmental protection, anti-corrosion equipment, chemical industry, container manufacturing enterprises preferred products, with broad market prospects.


BET体育网Experts say, plastic extrusion welder small size, light weight (4Kg only); reliable performance, extrusion amount (up to 2.5Kg / h); welding the same time, the parent rapid heating, the precursor and extruded molten material coupling, welding, high strength, good sealing effect; for wide seam (<10mm) and thicker parent (<20mm) welded at once quickly; easy to carry, subject to seasonal climate, especially for the field construction work. The machine is widely used in various chemical containers, tank tank production; seam weld plate, sheet; joint production of heat pipe network; repair and pipe couplings and other environmental protection conduit for China's environmental protection cause to do a positive contribution.

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