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BET体育网Hangzhou Federer Technology Co., Ltd. Bao pipeline, is set product research, development, production in a body specialized production PE, PPR plastic pipe welding equipment business. Strong technical force, with senior engineers R & D team, using German technology, in strict accordance with the German electrical industry standards for manufacturing, in line with GB4706.1-1998 appliance standards. After nearly a decade of development, has developed a full range of sales pipeline welding equipment and pipe fittings, butt welding equipment including automatic hot-melt welder, hot melt butt welding, drainage layer welder, fused welder, socket fuser machine and the like, including pipe fittings pipe fittings, fused pipe, fittings and siphon tube ground source heat pump parts, products widely used in municipal water supply, drainage, sewerage, gas pipes and pipe fittings, and other hot-melt docking, and with excellent cost-effective and reliable quality to win the praise of customers.


Years of development so that my company in technology development has accumulated rich experience in all aspects of technology development, enterprise management, production and sales cultivated an outstanding team of professionals, and domestic research institutions, polyethylene pipe users, professional construction and other units to establish a good and broad partnership, so that we in product development, technological innovation, product upgrades will always be in the advanced position. The company will focus in the field of high-performance butt welding depth development, to science and technology, expand production scale and enhance their own product development and customer service capabilities. In the promotion and marketing of products, through advanced sales model, a sales network for the country. And we have set up distribution points in several provinces in the country, supporting the integrity of the service.

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BET体育网Hangzhou Bao Pipeline Federer Technology Co., Ltd.

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